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Audio Transfer

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Audio Transfer started as a way for the owner to transfer all of his old albums and cassettes to cd. When technology changed and albums and cassettes were replaced by cds, not wanting to lose the music from the old albums and cassettes he had collected for over 25 years, bought all the equipment and software to take all that music, record it digitally, and even enhance it by removing album and cassette noise (audio restoration) and burn it all to cd. He now provides a digital audio service.

After finishing this project, he started to transfer audio tape for his friends and discovered a market for this type of service so decided to open a business in the Atlanta area specializing in audio transfer and vinyl to cd. He majored in commercial music in college and worked in a recording studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama starting as a student intern and eventually becoming studio manager. There he learned how to set up a recording session, run the board as a music engineer and also the art of mixing musical tracks.

When the recording industry took a downturn in the mid-80’s, he turned to his minor in college, photography, and got a job as a photographer. He worked as a photographer and printer for over 15 years.

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He then became a photo center manager, working for several large retail firms over the next 10 years, but he kept up with the changes in the recording industry and when the technology changed to digital, saw the chance of combining music recording and photography into one business with audio cd transfer.

Audio Transfer

Audio Transfer

With the opening of this , we can help other people transfer all their old analog recordings into digital format and even improve the sound quality. Our services include several for free that other companies charge extra for: track separation, noise reduction and cover art. We can transfer tape to cd, cassette to cd, and other types of music transfer.

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Audio Transfer Services

We offer free pick-up and delivery within the Atlanta area for any order over $100.00, a service that none of our competition offers, and the peace of mind of not having to ship your order and trust it to a outside carrier, thus eliminating the chance of damage or loss.

So instead of selling those old albums and cassettes or letting them gather dust in the closet, let us transfer them over to a cd that you can play on any cd player or upload to a mp3 player. Enjoy the music you loved all over again in a new enhanced digital format.

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