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Audio Transfer Services

Please read the following disclaimers, terms, and conditions.

I am the rightful owner and have legally obtained the recording that I am submitting for transfer. I understand that I am only entitled to one CD copy per item as I am not the original artist.
If I send a home-made or similar made cassette from an original recording, and if at any time Audio Transfer Services believes that I am not the rightful owner to the original recording, they reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to decline my order. My recordings will be returned to me and my payment will be refunded, less the return shipping charges.

I am purchasing items from Audio Transfer Services as a consumer for my personal use. The CD’s transferred for me will be used for my own personal use. They will not be used for commercial use. I will not duplicate, distribute, re-distribute, publish, or broadcast them in any way, manner or form.
I understand that if my record or cassette is damaged so severely that it is not worthy of transfer, Audio Transfer Services reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to chose not to transfer it. My recordings will be returned to me and my payment will be refunded, less the return shipping charges.
I understand that it is practically impossible for all the background noises to be removed and that Audio Transfer Services is a music transfer service, not a repair or restoration service. I acknowledge that a recording Audio Transfer Services transfers to CD may not be of the perfect sound quality of a CD that has been professionally recorded.

If I am sending a cassette that is made with low-grade materials or equipment, I understand that the transferred CD may also be of lesser sound quality.

If the tracks are not listed anywhere on the jacket or case of a recording that I submit for transfer, and I do not provide a track listing, I authorize Audio Transfer Services to manually separate the tracks to the best of their ability. Should this be the case, the separations might vary from the original recording or my expectations.

I understand that transfers of home-made or similar made cassettes or reel to reel tapes will not include any album artwork on the CD cover or disc label.
I understand that Audio Transfer Services is not liable for any amount for any items items that are lost or damaged during shipping, or while in its care and I hold Audio Transfer Services harmless for any such loss or damage. I understand that Audio Transfer Services liabilities are limited to zero.
I acknowledge that orders are handled by Audio Transfer Services in the order they are received. Should the number of orders received at a given time be too numerous to process, Audio Transfer Services reserves the right to adjust the turnaround time beyond the stated terms. Audio Transfer Services will contact me by email should this be the case.

I acknowledge that all sales are final; transferred items may not be returned for a refund.
I acknowledge that if Audio Transfer Services does not receive my payment, package, and acceptance of the terms and conditions stated above, my order will not be processed until all three elements have been provided.


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