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Transfer Services

Services offered

Transfer Services

Lp transfer, cassette transfer, micro-cassette transfer, reel to reel tape (1/4 inch) transfer.

Services included with order:

Cleaning of lp’s- Each lp is cleaned and any dust or dirt removed without using harsh chemicals in order to minimize any noise on the recording. Reel to reel tape that needs to be re-spliced because of age of the tape will be done as needed at no extra charge.

Transfer ServicesPlayback and recording on professional equipment- The lp is played back on a turntable in real time to capture as much of the original performance as possible. Cassettes and micro-cassettes are also played in real time. Reel to reel tape can be adjusted to the correct speed once the recording has been done. The signal is sent to a computer program which changes the audio signal to a sound file and records the content.


Transfer ServicesNoise reduction (scratches, clicks and pops on lp’s, tape hiss on cassettes and reel to reel)-The sound files are run through a special software program which removes nearly all pops, hisses and other noise. The software can remove 80 to 95% of all noise but it all depends on how scratched, warped or worn your recording is.


Transfer ServicesTrack separation-As the tracks are recorded, they are separated into individual tracks by the software and the beginning and ending of each track is determined. In case of any mistakes made, we check the files to make sure the software separated the recording into the correct number of files and the correct beginning and ending of each track.


Transfer ServicesAmplification-If necessary, the amplification will be boosted to a correct recording level so that the recording can be easily heard when played back. This is usually only done with self-recorded reel to reel tape.



Transfer ServicesCover art-The cover art for lp’s will be reproduced, front and back for the jewel case from the original cover. For cassettes, the cover art will be reproduced if available. Please understand that album artwork can only be printed on the cd label and cd cover when available. If this is not possible, only the cd information (artist, album, tracks) will be printed. Track listing-The track listing, including artist, album and tracks will be printed on the cd and on the jewel case insert.

Transfer ServicesCD- The tracks are then burned to a cd-r, and again checked for quality and correct track separation.
Mp3 format-The tracks are burned as a mp3 file so that you can play the cd on any cd player and also import them into your computer for transfer to a mp3 player.
Jewel case-A jewel case is included to protect your new cd and front and back inserts are printed and put in place.


2009 Prices
LP’s $20.00
Cassettes $17.00
Micro-cassettes $15.00
Reel to reel tape $10.00 per song

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Transfer Services

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Transfer Services